Connect your Google, iCloud, Office365 or Outlook calendars with Taskie and it will take care of your busy schedule.


Prevent last minutes surprises, setup prep time before meetings, create private appointments, password protect your booking page, and much more...


Share your schedule and availability with others using customized Taskie link. Password protect your shared schedules or mark them private so only invitees with link can book appointments.


Stop switching between calendars to manage your appointments and figure out your free time. Taskie connects with all your favourite calendars.

  • Sync with multiple calendars

    Keeping track of multiple calendars for Personal, Business and Community events can be difficult. Taskie syncs with all your calendars and makes it easy to see all events in one place. It simplifies scheduling and organisation of all your calendars.

  • Avoid double booking

    Tell Taskie where to look for your busy time - be it in one or many connected calendars - and it will automatically block you off on your booking page. You will never be booked when you have got a doctor's appointment or have planned a soccer game.

  • Supports your favourite Calendar

    Whether you're using iCloud Calendar, Office 365, Outlook or Google Calendar, Taskie is compatible. If you're using something else, it probably works with that too!

  • Flexible busy time retrieval

    Choose what type of events from every connected Calendar (free, busy or tentative) to be considered for busy time retrieval.


Take control of your schedule and set appointment rules to suite your work-family life.

Take control of your schedule with Taskie. Set booking rules such as:

  • Availability hours

    Setup your standard working hours when you are ready to take appointments. Don't worry Taskie will block these hours if it finds any appointments in your connected Calendars.

  • Prep and travel time

    Add extra time between appointments so you can prepare for meetings or have enough time to travel.

  • Notice periods

    Set notice periods to avoid last minute meetings and meetings far in the future.

  • Flexible duration.

    Control minimum and maximum duration of your appointments.

  • Limits on the bookings

    Control your workload by limiting number of appointments made in day or a week.

  • Timezone detection

    Intelligently detects timezone to display your availability in your invitees' timezone. You can also enforce timezone so all your invitees see your availability in your selected tiemzone.


It’s as simple as sharing a link when you’re using Taskie

  • Password protection

    You can set a password on your Taskie profile so only the people that you want to access it are able to.

  • Stay private

    Make your event profile only visible to invitees with whom you choose to share the link. Private profiles will not show up on your main Taskie page.

  • Real humans

    Enable reCaptcha to invitees who are trying to make a appointment with you. This ensures the person is a real human before they are able to submit the form.

  • Get notified

    Receive instant notifications when new events are scheduled or changed.

  • Custom questions

    Get answers before your meeting starts by adding Questions to your booking page. Your invitees will provide answers before they are able to submit the form.

  • Invite others

    Create a unique Taskie link and share with your invitees via email or embed in your website. Access others’ shared Taskie calendars with one click by adding them to your bookmarks.

Appointments straight into your calendar

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